Groundbreaking solution to complex IoT challenges

At the crossroads of Industry 4.0 and Smart Maintenance, our system drives real value by integrating existing solutions and bringing your facility into the age of connectivity.

Get the right tool for all your
maintenence need


Unified Platform

Combine sensors, asset metrics, personnel, reporting, and technician all under one umbrella.


Built Better

Among a thousand visualization cloud suites, we’ve designed the cleanest and simplest UI ever.


Real-Time Alerting

Be alerted before things go catastrophic, and solve problems before they get worse.


Deployed in minutes

No IT team, no technical expertise required. Our turn-key solution works right out of the box. Stupid simple.


Seamless Connections

Never worry about compatibility. We’ve made sure you can upload data from hundreds of our trusted providers.


Value from Day 1

Sensors start reading in data as soon as you turn them on, so you can see value immediately.


Asset-Based IoT from the ground up

IoT today is much more than setting up data streams -- it’s telling the story of how your business is functioning. Modern technology gives us an eye into every process we can imagine, but without the right visualization it's meaningless.

Generating holistic value

Data streams are only as good as the story they tell, and our system helps tie it all together

Complete Integration

Find sensor alarms, downtime metrics, technician and operator efficiency, and production information under a single banner

Bird’s eye views

See how every one of your core business units comes together, and what they mean for the health of your facility



Simplify intelligence gathering

Building a culture of responsibility in your maintenance team. Collaborate on incident reports, have operators leave comments on any issues, and see exactly how maintenance progresses in our automatically-generated timelines.


Promote team dialogue

Keeping everyone informed and accountable is crucial to a successful maintenance team - we incorporated it into everything.

Less paperwork, less problems

Auto-generated reports make sure all incidents are logged, and make it easy to collaborate on writing briefs, and routine inspections.

Technician Tracking

See how every one of your core business units comes together, and what they mean for the health of your facility


Real-time Alerting

There’s a hundred cloud suites out there, but you won’t find any as clean and well-designed as ours. That’s because our master designers streamlined every element to make using our system as smooth as possible.


Advanced Analytics

Access large time series data in clean charts and export everything with a touch of a button.

Built to move fast

Every process of scalability, from onboarding employees to adding tech was envisioned with rapid deployment in mind.

Clean, beautiful UI

With industry leading ease-of-use and beautiful flows, Sensyrtech was built by HMI professionals.

Alerts and Notifications

Solution for scalable notifications

When things start going wrong, you’ll know. We guarantee it. Our novel and radically-simplified solution for scalable notifications makes sure everyone knows what’s going on, in a fashion that is comfortable to them.


Radically simplified

We changed the way notifications work entirely, so you can quickly set-up and get everyone in sync, without creating 100 different alerts.

To-the-second alerts

If mission-critical assets go down, we make sure everyone knows instantly. It’s our business to catch it all.

Physical alarms

Integrate our Wireless Sirens to raise the alarm for safety and hazardous locations.

How it works?



Buy sensors, connect instruments, and generate data streams.



Using Sensyrtech gateways, upload your data streams to the cloud.



View, monitor, and manage your assets, sensors, and data streams.



Prevent downtime and failures through our robust & automated analytics.

Real stories from satisfied customers

Our cloud suite is built with modern technology for a robust experience.

Sensyrtech installed IoT sensors in my critical cutting, washing, and heating lines, and the insights and alerts they’ve given me have saved me $100,000’s of dollars. It’s a no-brainer.

Luis C.
Precision Glass Industries

The historian and analysis system Sensyrtech offered us saved us $1000’s of dollars a year, and brought our system into the cloud effortlessly. We’ll definitely be returning customers.

Kaaeid L.
Membrane Technology and Research Inc.

I didn’t think it would be so easy to set this up, but my whole facility is up and online in a matter of days after speaking with someone from Sensyrtech sales.

Abbas K.
Facility Supervisor, Katy TX


Frequently Asked

How does Sensyrtech work?
We pride ourselves on delivering real value. We'll help you architect a solution, ship and manage all your hardware, and set you up so you don't have to worry about the details. End-to-end coverage, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
How many people at my company can use your application?
If there's one thing we knew from the moment we started building our system, it's - Always Unlimited Users. We don't believe that increasing awareness and traction at your company should cost you more money. So bring everyone on board. It's on us.
What if things go wrong? Who will help me out?
We know things go wrong from time to time and that nothing is perfect. But we believe in our product so much, that we'll be available to fix anything, 24/7. Head over to Contact Us, and we'll set everything right.

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