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Wireless Sensors

We provide only the highest quality sensors for all use cases, vetted and tested by our experienced team.

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Industry-Leading Cloud Suite

Our cloud suite provides real time alerts and data visualization in the cleanest UI the industry has ever seen. Powerful metrics on OEE, asset efficiency, and downtime.

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Engineered for Teams

Onboard your entire facility with our Always Unlimited Users guarantee and collaborate on detailed reports, see personnel efficiencies, and always maintain clear communication amongst team members.

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Analog Control Stations

Add the human element with our Orion control stations and log incidents in your system while alerting technicians through SMS or e-mail. Connect them to our wireless sirens for total awareness.

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Reliable, cutting-edge technologies

A suite of sensors and gateways from Sensyrtech and our partner companies guarantee we can solve any problem


Our LoRaWAN Sensors

Join the IoT transformation with our turnkey solution to Industry 4.0. We bring the hardware and visualization, you save the time and money.

Unsure how sensors can help you? Don't worry, we'll help you analyze your facility and its assets and implement the perfect IoT solution!

Game-Changing Analysis
And Connectivity

Our software was built differently to beat the challenges real people face everyday. It’s why we’re special.


Asset-Based IoT from the ground up

Sensyrtech was not built just to monitor your assets, but to derive additional value from them. This is built into every function and feature so that your instruments, alerts, work orders, technicians, turnaround times, and all other metrics tell a unified story about how your assets are operating.

Benefits, straight from customers:

  • View asset efficiency and state comparison
  • Garner insights on downtime vs uptime
  • Generate holistic value from IoT deployments


Simplify intelligence gathering

Using our detailed and deeply integrated reporting tools, simplify the postmortem process and make sure reports are logged, so if problems happen again, they can be fixed quickly.

Benefits, straight from customers:

  • Promote team dialogue in maintenance
  • Create better postmortem logs
  • Keep all team members in sync


Real-time Alerting

Get to-the-second notifications if anything goes wrong, and make sure the people in charge are sent out, without lifting a finger.

Benefits, straight from customers:

  • Mission-critical notification down to the wire
  • Call, SMS, Push Notifications and email
  • Operating at the edge



Generate MODBUS telemetry with our Sirius gateways, reading in RS232 and RS485 as well as digital and analog I/O's, and also ingest OPCUA streams through our API.

  • Easy configuration and installation
  • Customized input bits and registers
  • Secure communication using 256-bit encryption

Control Station

Orion Control Station

Not everything can be automated, which is why we built the Orion pushbutton station. Outfitted with 5 customizable buttons, it connects with your cloud application and alerts personnel when triggered. Connect it with our Wireless Sirens for total awareness.

  • Easy to Deploy, Simple, 5-Button Stations
  • Triggers wireless sirens
  • Tracks technician assignments and creates reports

One Platform. Many Applications

See where Sensyrtech has been successfully used to drive real value.



Safe and Secure with Sensyrtech

Low-cost data collection for windows, doors, air quality, water detection in dormitories and apartment complexes helps make sure we’re living in healthy safe environments. Read more to learn how Sensyrtech can help residential managers and campus managers.


Oil and Gas

Condition Monitoring and Data Visualization

Low-cost data collection for windows, doors, air quality, water detection in dormitories and apartment complexes helps make sure we’re living in healthy safe environments. Read more to learn how Sensyrtech can help residential managers and campus managers.



Boost efficiency & eliminate downtime

Our system was originally built for manufacturing and fabrication, geared to every particular problem operators, managers, and production staff face in the factory pipeline. We know exactly what problems you face, how to fix them, and boost your efficiency and eliminate downtime in an industry where only the leanest survive. Let us help you optimize in every way you can.


Facility Management

100% ROI

An open door and a rainstorm flood a server room and millions of dollars of critical tech are lost. Every day, incomprehensible property and dollars are lost due to problems simple IoT solutions, like water detection and proximity sensors, can solve. The investment return on smart facility management solutions is over 100%, so take time today to make sure your sites are secure and safe.

Real stories from satisfied customers

Our cloud suite is built with modern technology for a robust experience.

Sensyrtech installed IoT sensors in my critical cutting, washing, and heating lines, and the insights and alerts they’ve given me have saved me $100,000’s of dollars. It’s a no-brainer.

Luis C.
Precision Glass Industries

The historian and analysis system Sensyrtech offered us saved us $1000’s of dollars a year, and brought our system into the cloud effortlessly. We’ll definitely be returning customers.

Kaaeid L.
Membrane Technology and Research Inc.

I didn’t think it would be so easy to set this up, but my whole facility is up and online in a matter of days after speaking with someone from Sensyrtech sales.

Abbas K.
Facility Supervisor, Katy TX


Frequently Asked

How does Sensyrtech work?
We pride ourselves on delivering real value. We'll help you architect a solution, ship and manage all your hardware, and set you up so you don't have to worry about the details. End-to-end coverage, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
How many people at my company can use your application?
If there's one thing we knew from the moment we started building our system, it's - Always Unlimited Users. We don't believe that increasing awareness and traction at your company should cost you more money. So bring everyone on board. It's on us.
What if things go wrong? Who will help me out?
We know things go wrong from time to time and that nothing is perfect. But we believe in our product so much, that we'll be available to fix anything, 24/7. Head over to Contact Us, and we'll set everything right.

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