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A sensor is a device used to measure a property, such as pressure, position, temperature, or acceleration.

Turbidity Sensor

Rugged sensors to wirelessly detect turbidity/water quality in industrial environments.

Fabrication • Manufacturing • Residential

Sound Sensor

Wirelessly measure decibel levels for safety and security in logistics and residential.

Logistics • Fleet Management • Residential • Facility management

Occupancy Sensor

Wirelessly detect room, seat, and space occpancy with PIR or tactile sensors.

Facility Management • Commerical Real Estate • Residential

Light Sensor

Wirelessly detect light energy in indoor spaces for occupancy and waste.

Facility Management • Commercial Real Estate

Current Sensor

Reliable, clamp-on current transformers to wirelessly detect AC current.

Manufacturing • Oil and Gas • Energy

Distance Sensor

Wirelessly measure an approaching or receding object with ultrasonic sensors.

Manufacturing • Municipality • Smart City • Safety and Security

Soil Mositure Sensor

Ruggedized sensors to wirelessly detect moisture content of soil .

Agriculture • Utilities • Telecommunications

H2S Sensor

Wirelessly measure hydrogren sulfide for safety applications.

Oil and Gas · Wastewater · Facility Management

Air Quality Sensor

Wirelesly detect volatile indoor organic substances - TVOC, C02, CO, etc.

Oil and Gas • Facility Management • Residential

Vibration Sensors

Prevent rotary equipment failure with cost-effective with wireless LoRaWAN vibration sensors

Condition Monitoring · Predictive Maintenance · Machine Health

Pressure Sensor

Wireless transducers for liquid and gas pressure measurement.

Process Measurement · Incycle Tracking

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Wirelessly monitor temperature and humidty and detect anomalous trends.

Room Control · Data Centers · Health Monitoring

Proximity Sensor

Tiny, wireless proximity sensors that fit into doors and windows for security and part tracking.

Manufacturing • Commercial Real Estate • Security

Liquid Level Sensor

Detect the depth of a liquid, water tank, pool and river with ultrasonic or rope-style sensors.

Wastewater • Municipality • Smart City

Why Sensyrtech Sensors?

Sensyrtech is the IoT partner for asset management across the commercial sector

Install in Minutes

Attach asset beacons or GPS trackers within seconds to any mobile asset and scan the code to activate tracking.

Ruggedized Design

Great for both indoor and outdoor tracking scenarios due to weather proof casings and durable construction.

Manage Assets

Efficiently search and find assets throughout all maps and cut down on yard hunting.

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