Cyrus-21 LoraWAN I/O Module

The Cyrus-21 series I/O Modules are Long Range LoRa I/O Controller. It contains different I/O Interfaces such as: analog current Input, analog voltage input, relay output, digital input and digital output etc. The LT I/O Modules are designed to simplify the installation of I/O monitoring.

Easy and low cost installation

Extremely long ranges reach

Ultra-long range spread spectrum

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Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

Home and Building Automation

Automated Meter Reading

Long range Irrigation Systems

Industrial Monitoring and Control

Product Details

  • STM32L072CZT6 MCU
  • SX1276/78 LoRa Wireless Chip
  • LoRaWAN Class A & Class C protocol
  • Optional Customized LoRa Protocol
  • 3 x Digital Input
  • 3 x Digital Output
  • 2 x Relay Output (5A@250VAC / 30VDC)
  • 2 x 0~20mA Analog Input (res:0.01mA)
  • 2 x 0~30V Analog Input (res:0.01v)
  • Power Input 0~24V

User Manual



User Manual


IP68 Polyamide casing


76 x 79 x 23 mm (incl. fixing lug)




2x magnets and nuts supplied

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