Automated production tracking and OEE Analysis


IPC is one of the largest powder coating operations in Southern California with 8 systems and over 100,000 square feet on a 5 acre facility.


Ontario, California


As Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) advances, data from machine sensors and production tracking has become much easier to track and historize in cloud applications. For manufacturers, enabling these functionalities with IoT sensors and PLC/HMI integrations allows stakeholders to view operations and make data-driven decisions. As machines and IoT become more and more software-friendly, it allows facilities to much more efficiently track OEE and address issues before they cause costly downtime or affect the bottom line. Sensyrtech can help you every step of the way, and seamlessly integrate with your MES/ERP system to extend your digital initiatives.


Tracking Key inputs

Sensyretch for Remote Monitoring helps you collect, analyze and act on incidents as they occur by enabling telemetry from your operations. We can do this through a multitude of ways, by receiving MODBUS connection from industrial machines and patching them through to our cloud server, by installing specialized wireless LoRaWAN sensors, or helping operators quickly input data with analog control stations.
Once you have this data at your fingertips, we can transform it to tell the story of your asset’s health. Asset Uptime vs Downtime, vibration, direct production data, recipe information and more insights help you understand how your assets are really working. Asset effectiveness is a function of your facilities health, and as time progresses it’s becoming more and more critical to integrate IoT into your systems.

Overall Equipment Effectivness is often a misunderstood concept - it has become a simple moniker for simple asset production performance. OEE, understood in the traditional sense, is a combinative metric for 3 key process variables.-

  1. Availability
  2. Quality
  3. Performance

The results of OEE calculation provide actionable insights into the critical sources of waste in a manufacturing operation. In order to reduce these losses and minimize their effect, visibility into where and when inefficiencies occur is essential. This is where access to data from sensors and indicator lights become very important. Logged data from sensors and indicator lights installed on machines can help you calculate OEE and identify steps to improve efficiency of your machines, processes, and people.

Work Line

At a powder coating facility in Southern California - Sensyrtech displayed the benefits of Remote Monitoring for OEE with a complete IoT overhaul. The facility was previously tracking production with paper sheets and has no visbility into the core aspects of OEE - availability, performance, and quality. Sensyrtech was able to engineer solution to gather and send

  • Conveyor line speeds (uptime, downtime, reverse
  • Dry-off and cure oven temperature
  • Washer temperature and pH
  • Automated powder weight per job

After integrating with their home-grown MES system, they were able to complete OEE calculation on all lines, accurately quote jobs from past data, and optimize operator shifts to eliminate unnecessary downtime.


Sensyrtech for Remote Monitoring can help you visualize these core variables with our production tracking and IoT integration solutions. Our embrace- extend philosophy is built on integrating with a facilities existing solutions and bringing the IoT to them - instead of the other way around.

Remote monitoring and OEE will radically transform the way you look at your assets health and production output. In the age of Industry 4.0 - peak production has been reached and optimization at the edge with tools like IIoT, Smart Maintenance, and AI will take you facility into the future. Sensyrtech can help you every step of the way as an IoT partner, and ensure you receive the benefits from your investment. Contact us today at

Customer Review

What did they say?

Sensyrtech has been instrumental in our Industry 4.0 initiatives by enabling automated production tracking and condition monitoring.

Owner, Powder Coating

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