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Officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company.


Paradox, Utah


A membrane technology company in the Bay Area found Sensyrtech while dealing with a data visibility issue. On a recent installation at a client site, data engineers built protocols to offload data from the local PLC onto .csv files to be downloaded and then reviewed by the hour. This led to a great deal of manual manipulation in Excel for analysis and trending, and proved very unwieldy for any presentation or long-term trend analysis.

They needed a nimble, inexpensive cloud suite to ingest their data with minimal invasion and provide them trended data and asset health metrics.


Thorough inspection: marking every small details

Our developers reviewed their systems and Allen Bradely CompactLogix PLC system, and over a remote desktop connection, configured the PLC to send data directly to our database via our OpenAPI protocol.

Work Line

From chaos to centralised management system

After setting up the sensors through their provided datasheets and building the alerting infrastructure as part of a complete turnkey solution, we delivered the product ready to go: a cloud suite with all heir data to the minute, with SMS and Call alerts as soon as pressures and concentrations dropped, and in-depth analysis on overall asset health as a function of different sensor values.

Testing and scaling impact

To add a touch of customization to this project, we provided them with a custom portal on our domain and modified the look and feel of the application to their specifications to simplify the way they viewed data. They utilized the beta version of our Customizable Dashboards (coming soon!), so each user could see exactly what they needed as soon as they opened the application.

  • Our team understood that not all problems could be caught by sensors, and certain things would inevitably require operator intervention.
  • To ease the communication and share responsibility on post-mortems, we helped install multiple Orion CS53 Control Station at each station, so operators could signal Downtime, Attention Required, Standby, or other Asset States on machines.
  • These states were configured to automatically call technicians, update statuses in the application so sales personnel could know that critical downtime was affecting production and accordingly shift estimates.


Boosted efficiency and better insight

Today, their cloud historian alerts them before even their local team can raise a support ticket, and they proactively alter measurements and calculation as soon as their phone buzzes with a Sensyrtech alert.

Customer Review

What did they say?

As an owner, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Industrial IoT will set companies apart. Sensyrtech's implementation and expertise is invalubale, and I'd reccommend them to anyone.

Ali Masud

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