i6 Ultra-thin Tag

The i6 Ultra-thin Tag is an ultra-thin beacon with ARM core chipset nRF51series and BLE5.0 technology, it is designed for commercial advertising, asset tracking, indoor location-based service and personal electronic sticker.

  • Ultra-thin
  • Battery replaceable
  • The max. 50 meters advertising distance
  • Compact design
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How it works?

Install MS8 Beacon on
target asset

Sensyrtech prides itself on rapid, no-hassle technology deployments. Sensors install easily and quickly, providing value day one.

Beacon sends data to Sensyrtech Cloud

Enjoy reliable data transmission indoor and outdoor, at the speed of your operation.

View real-time data from Sensyrtech cloud

Sensyrtech protects data in transfer and at rest between IoT devices and the Sensyrtech cloud portal.

Use Cases

Sensyrtech is a fit for any asset tracking application.
Update Asset States

Track downtime, repair states, and
operations in manufacturing. Deploy it
in high-volume to gather feedback from

Commercial advertising

In smart retails, low-power Bluetooth
beacons can optimize promotional models
and build digital bridges between stores and customers.

Personnel management

The ultra-slim hardware design makes
the i6 a perfect fit for a variety of occasions.

Product Details

  • Dimension - 36.5×23.5×3.5mm
  • Weight - 4.5g(Battery included)
  • Materials - ABS
  • Bluetooth protocol - 5.0
  • Battery - CR series button battery, 90mAh
  • Battery Life - 3 months
  • Transmissionrange - 50m

User Manual



User Manual


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